We are conscious of how our actions affect our environment, and we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We have focused our efforts toward sustainability in the following areas:



We have a paperless quoting system and all of our clients receive our estimates electronically, eliminating paper use from this process. We also carefully measure our paint needs to reduce the amount of excess paint. Finally, while working in clients’ homes, we limit our use of water (e.g. efficient cleanup) and electricity (e.g. keeping lights off in unoccupied rooms) to further reduce our emissions.



We source our materials from eco-minded companies who have committed themselves to environmentally sustainable business practices.

Our paint manufacturer is a member of the Canada Green Building Council and has received LEED assessments for all of their paint products. Additionally, their manufacturing facility incorporates on-site solar electricity generation and uses water recovered and purified on-site from upstream industrial processes to produce their paint.

We purchase our materials locally and from suppliers who offer recycled and green-friendly products. For example, all of our painters’ rags are made from recycled clothing and our paint remover is non-toxic and biodegradable.

For more information please visit:

Canada Green Building Council



All of our recyclable waste (e.g. Empty cans, cardboard, plastics) is returned to a Community Recycling Centre (CRC’s) where it is recycled.

While we do our best to eliminate or use excess paint, some of the paint from our projects must be discarded. Any accumulated leftover paint is submitted to facilities that are part of the Product Care Recycling program. This includes retailers who have opted to serve as collection sites for discarded paint. Paint products submitted to these locations are then processed and combined to create new products, all while keeping paint waste from accumulating in landfills.

For more information please visit:

Product Care Ontario


Waste and Disposal

Through an efficient project management model, we have eliminated the majority of the waste generated by our business by reusing or recycling. While rare, the small amount of waste we generate is disposed of in accordance with Municipal Transfer Stations’ guidelines.


Continuous Improvements

We strive to continue to improve our process to further reduce the impact our business has on our environment. As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we continue to seek out greener products and eco-friendly alternatives. We also utilize technology and best practices around recycling and waste management to help improve our systems.

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